When Blocks Make You Stretch

Back many moons ago... ok, 1998... my good friend Lori and I had a business together "Millennium; Mind, Body and Beyond" (we were a little ahead of our time.) Anyway, we had a fabulous yoga teacher there, Nancy Opgaard. A student came to her class one day who was soooo flexible that when Nancy asked the class to do a seated forward bend this young woman sighed as if to say "ah, another easy class."

Nancy, who could see what was going on (she always does!) , handed the young woman a yoga block to put at the end of her feet, which made the stretch considerably more challenging. Our young yogi sighed again in satisfaction as the stretch actually stretched her muscles.

That's all a very long way of saying, I was thinking about blocks today. And about how they really DO make you stretch. Pull you further than you've gone before. Or, just like in Yoga, you can use them to support you in trying something new, like blocks against the wall to support you in learning wheel pose.

Odd to think of blocks as helpful I know, but true if you think about it.

I'm currently facing some blocks in my life, that are stretching me further than I've gone before; relationally, mentally, spiritually. But somehow the blocks are also helpful. Like did you ever say (to an invitation you didn't want to accept) "No, I can't go. My Mom said no." Blocks are a way that I can stay highly focused on what needs to bend and stretch to accommodate a new way of being in the world. And be able to easily say no to anything that doesn't support me in this new phase.

So, respect your blocks! 😊 (and do your yoga!) to stretch as far as you are being called to stretch in these interesting times in which we live.