Check your Sources: Break out of your Bubble!

I knew it was happening, but I wasn't sure how.... and then I watched The Social Dilemma and I began to understand. My husband and I are on different sides of the political aisle, though we both lean toward the center and not the fringes. During this pandemic year of lots of time at home, I have become a bit of a news hound and read about 10 times more news than I used to. John has always read the news. We both use Google News as our aggregator.

We discovered, as we talked, how different the news was that we were reading. "Did you see?...." became a common question. We were seeing such different things! The algorithm feeds us news based on the articles we click on, that's how it's built. So, in order to really get a picture outside of your bubble you must take a few extra steps to see the "other" side of the story. I make it a point to read from at least a few different news outlets when a story seems dramatically slanted one way or another. Pop your bubble, step out into a bigger viewpoint.

And in case you need a little inspiration.... this is a great DIY recipe for bubbles (much less expensive than buying bubble soap!) 

Best Bubbles

Easy, inexpensive, homemade bubble solution.
Mix it all together and let it rest a bit before blowing bubbles!
Bubble wands can be DIY (pipecleaners) or something like this set:


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