Calling All People Who Sew And Make.....

In response to the article my husband forwarded me from Forbes on March 20, I followed the link to the mask pattern at and started sewing.

I've made and donated about 40 so far to personnel of our local (Danbury) Emergency Department. Before anyone gets fussed --- Yes, I know they are not N95 medical grade masks, however, from what I am reading online, they are still needed.

I emailed Holly Figueroa O'Reilly, who was mentioned in the Forbes article, to ask if masks like these are needed and she sent back a resounding YES with a link to several documents that also show other sewing patterns and hints for how to make this pattern better. Her documents also include several other patterns for masks.

Here are Holly's docs for reference:

Thanks to Chintz-n-Prints and the generous donations of my Newtown neighbors, I now have a fresh batch of cotton fabric and spools of ribbon so I can keep sewing and donating. If you'd like to donate to the effort, click here.

Update: April 5, 2020  

After seeing a local news article where Yale requested masks made with a specific pocket pattern (found here), I have changed to using that pattern. I have modified it slightly to use ribbon instead of elastic (elastic can irritate the skin and doesn't hold up as well with repeated washing) and adding a pipe-cleaner in the seam of the nose piece to insure a closer fit.

Now that the CDC is recommending the use of masks for the general public, I now have them available for sale on the website.

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