How are Mrs. Market's Masks Made?

The pattern I use is a modified version of the pocket pattern from CraftPassion found here.

Each mask starts with material that was either donated to me by my very generous Newtown neighbors (half of all the masks I make are donated to the Danbury ER) or purchased at Chintz-n-Prints here in town. After cutting the fabric for the front and lining fabric, they are sewn on the curved seam (right sides of fabric together):

Masks sewn on curved seam

Then they are turned and the center seam is top-stictched:

Top stitch center seam

Next the side seams of the pocket are finished:

Then the inner and outer pieces are joined and sewn (right sides together):

Join and sew inner and outer pieces

Next, a pipe-cleaner is sewn into the nose piece to allow the mask to fit more snuggly.

Then the mask is turned right side out and the outer seams pressed and top-stitched:

Seams pressed and top-stitched

Outer channel pressed and sewn with ribbon-tie enclosed:

Ribbons are secured with a decorative stitch to make sure they don't slip out of the channels when washed:

Lastly, the threads are clipped and the masks are finished!


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