When Bias is Brilliant

I'm relatively new to sewing, learning as I go (thank you YouTube!) and have several times, come across information about making and using bias tape in your sewing projects. The pictures and examples were always lovely, but the process seemed like a giant pain to me.... not only do you need to cut strips, and then fold and iron, fold and iron before you can sew, but those strips also have be cut on the bias -- a 45 defreeangle so that you cut across the "warp and weft" of the fabric.

So, being the stubborn person I can be, I made my first batches of bias tape without cutting the fabric on the bias. It never came out correctly... the corners and edges that the bias tape enclosed looked bumpy and uneven, bleh! So I finally took the time to cut the fabric strips properly, cutting on the angle.

What a revelation! Strips cut that way have some bend and give, they stretch, they are forgiving of imperfections. The elasticity of the fabric makes it so much easier to work with, the finished pieces are smooth and attractive.

It made me realize that this a way I would like to be.... not focused on only one viewpoint or another (left or right, warp or weft), but cut differently from the cloth, able to bend and stretch and navigate the changes that life has to throw.

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