My Story

I learned to sew when I was a teenager (remember home ec classes?), but didn't enjoy it much back then. However recently, after a life-changing event, I felt inspired to sew again. I got a hand-me-down Singer from my sister, worked with my engineer husband and YouTube to get it running again and haven't stopped sewing since. My favorite part of the process is Turning... taking something that looks so odd and voila! turning it into a lovely tote bag, pouch or gift bag. It makes me smile every time.

My inspiration comes from stalking the racks of fabric at my favorite place, Chintz-n-Prints right here in Newtown.

My "Studio" was a corner of our office.... opposite where I spent years as an internet consultant/computer geek. It has now been moved to a corner of the basement and is "sewing central.” I tend to leave a trail of threads when I finish "work" for the day. :-)

My constant companion is my sweet, trouble-making miniature schnauzer, Bonnie.

To learn why I called the shop "Mrs. Market's," read more here.